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  • What is a Quahog?

    qua·hog ˈkwôˌhôg,-ˌhäg,ˈkwō-,ˈkō-/ noun noun: quahog; plural noun: quahogs; noun: quahaug; plural noun: quahaugs 1. a large, rounded edible clam of the Atlantic coast of North America So, that defines the CLAM....now how about the race? qua·hog mile ˈkwôˌhôg,-ˌhäg,ˈkwō-,ˈkō-/ mīl/ event event: Quahog Mile; plural event: there is only ONE Quahog Mile 1. a fast road mile with cash prizes and great merchandise prizes supplied by generous local sponsors 2. where you will run the fastest mile of your life 3. team ...

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  • New England (and New York and Ontario) Spring Marathons

    For some people January marks the beginning of marathon training in New England.  Sometimes this becomes tough as cold and snow make road conditions and motivation tough.  If you haven't signed up for your Spring/Summer marathon yet, do so now.  It is a great way to keep going through the cold dark winter months.                 Below is a listing of many of the marathons that are available in ...

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  • New England Fall Marathons

    If you live in New England and are looking for a local fall marathon, you don't have to travel very far.  There are choices from September through December and even into the winter months if you are looking for something a little later in the season.  Below is a quick round up of some of  New England and New York's fall marathons.  Which one will you be running?

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