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RI 6 Hour Streakers – Jake Schieffelin

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Last but not least on the list of RI 6 Hour Streakers is my Tuesday Night Turtle teammate, Jake Schieffelin of Barrington, RI.  Jake is one of the first Turtles I ever ran with back in 2000 and 13 years later he is still running strong.

How did you find out about the first RI 6 Hour?  Being a Tuesday Night Turtle, I was able to watch as the idea went from Turtle blather to fruition. Having the race director in your club lets you watch the birth of a great race.

What made you want to run it?  I had wanted to try an ultra, many of my friends had, and the idea of a set time as opposed to a set distance appealed to me. The loop format, which some people may find tedious,  drew me in since if things went south you would never be too far from your car. For me, I also liked the thought that I would see many of my friends from the Turtles either running the race, or volunteering..


What keeps you coming back?  The people, the course (after more than 52 laps over 4 years, I know I won’t get lost), the pretzels, and the streak.

Any personal goals for the 2013 event?  My first year was the best 14 laps, last year was the worst 12 laps. My C goal is more than 12, B goal 13, and my A goal is a new PR. I’ve changed how I’ve trained for this event and we’ll see how it goes.

Will you be at the post race party at Track 84?  Yes, the rehashing of the race with other runners, and the beer and food will always bring me there. The high stools are a plus for those of us with limited flexibility.

Well there you have it, all 6 runners in the  RI 6 Hour “Streaker Series” shared their thoughts on the race!  If you missed any of the posts you can check out the first five here… Michael VincentKarl KhynhartLee Dickey , Mark Siegmund and Bruce Dube

The Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultramarathon & Relay will take place on November 1oth of this year.  Sign up today!  Also, check out our newest event The Quahog Mile!!

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