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RI 6 Hour Streakers – Karl Ryhnhart

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Next up on the “Streaker Series” is Karl Ryhnhart from Woodstock Valley, CT.  Karl will be back at the RI 6 Hour in November along with the 5 other runners that have run the first four RI 6 Hour races.  I asked Karl a few questions about himself and his history with the 6 Hour.

How did you find out about the first RI 6 Hour?  I found out about the first race completely by chance, I had a couple of years of marathons under my belt and had wanted to explore going a longer distance. A simple Google search of the New England states and Ultra- Marathons brought me to the RI 6HR listing, clicked on it…..

What made you want to run it?  I had read in the description that there was nice “rolling hills” and figured it would be perfect for a first timer. The hills are rolling until about 4-5 hours into the race and they don’t seem to be rolling anymore.

Photo by Scott Mason


What keeps you coming back?  Overall I’m a creature of habit, I do the same races every year, except this year when I substituted an Ironman race (LP) for the Hartford marathon, I like the RI 6HR it has a good feel to it, and I like the smaller venue, there is more opportunity for family and friends to pass on their encouragement.

Any personal goals for the 2013 event?  I would like to get over 50k this year, I tried in past years and seem to come up short, but this year with a new training technique I’m hoping to accomplish it this year

Will you be at the post race party at Track 84?  I’m hoping to this year.

Let’s all wish Karl luck on his goal to run over 50k this year!  Stay tuned for the next 4 runners in the RI 6 Hour “Streaker Series”  If you missed it, check out the first post about Michael Vincent.

The Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultramarathon & Relay will take place on November 1oth of this year.  Sign up today!


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