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RI 6 Hour Streakers – Michael Vincent

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With the 5th running of the Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultramarathon & Relay quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to “meet the runners” that have been dedicated to running Rhode Island’s ONLY ultra marathon every year it has happened.  The 6 runners that have run the first 4 races all plan on coming back…which I was extremely happy to hear.

I sent the 6 of them some general questions about them and the race.  First up is Michael Vincent from Berkley, MA.

How did you find out about the first RI 6 Hour?  I don’t remember how I heard about the first one.  I remember I was looking for a local ultra to sign up for, so maybe Coolrunning or UltraSignup?  It was certainly online somewhere.

What made you want to run it?  The format sounded like a newbie-friendly ultra-run past the start/finish line every 2.7 miles or so, easy terrain (bike path, no mountains), no set distance.  The USATF tag also made it sound pretty official, knowing my marathon split would be accurate.

What keeps you coming back?  My first experience (and all subsequent ones) was stellar – well-organized, awesome volunteers, good turn out, nice weather, I placed well (11th overall) for my first official >26.2 miler.  Since then, I’ve done a few other ultras including Wapack 50 and Vermont 50.

Any personal goals for the 2013 event?  I keep coming back to better my previous year’s results – or at least try.  I’ve improved overall – my 3rd year was a bit flat due to illness, but I wasn’t going to NOT run so toughed it out.  I’ll be shooting for 40 miles this year, but admittedly have been training pretty light so we’ll see how it goes.  Other than Reach the Beach (NH and now MA) this is the one race I always plan on each year.

Will you be at the post race party at Track 84?  I’ve been missing the post race parties to get back home to my wife and two little daughters.  If I can convince them to come, perhaps I’ll stick around.

Since the RI 6 Hour tends to lean towards all things beer, what is your favorite beer or beer style?  I’m partial to Harpoon IPA, although my very accomplished ultra running friend swears by Corona and lentil soup for post race recovery.  I suppose whatever beer is best for the task at hand is the one I’m drinking.

You can check out Michael’s RI 6 Hour Race Reports at his blog Vin’s World!

Michael's take from the last 4 RI 6 HRs

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