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Going for the three-peat

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acidotic RACING made their RI 6 Hour debut in 2010, they won that event with 22 laps 59+ miles.  They came into the 2011 race with a goal of hitting 60 miles, but came away with another 22 laps, but in a shorter time, just shy of having enough time to make that 23rd lap.  Will they be able to get the 23rd lap this year? and will anyone else challenge them?  I caught up with the acidotic RACING team leader Chris Dunn, to get his take on the 2012 race.


First tell us a little more about acidotic RACING, what is it all about?

acidotic RACING (aR) the ‘team’, is the largest collection of multi-sport endurance athletes in the northeast.  aR the ‘business’, hosts over a dozen snowshoe, trail, and mountain races in New Hampshire and Maine.  Our mission is simple; support our local communities through our competitive passions and dedicate ourselves to giving to those in need.

How did you find out about RI 6 Hour Relay?

The Tuesday Night Turtles have come up to support our snowshoe races in NH for a number of years.  We found out about the race through them.

What keeps you coming back?

What’s not to love?  First off there is a team competition.  Running can be such a solo pursuit but many of us grew up playing team sports as youngsters.  It’s awesome to be able to compete in running-specific events toward a team goal.  Secondly, it’s a fantastic race format.  The short loops keep everyone in the action.  Lastly, the Turtles do such a fantastic job as hosts that it’s a pleasure to support such a well run race.  Oh, and one more thing…we keep winning so the pressure is always on to defend our title and our team record!

What is your goal mileage for the 2012 event?

As it was in 2011…62.1 miles (23 laps).

Do you have a strategy that gets you around the loop so quickly?

We’ve been fortunate to be able to bring some very talented athletes to the event for the past few years.  There really isn’t any strategy other than to run as hard as possible.

Do you have your team members finalized yet?

Not yet but we will have a team there to defend our two-time team championship.

If so, who are they?

As of now that’s top secret information.  Actually, so secret not even I know!

The Rhode Island 6 Hour will take place on 11/11/12.  The ultramarathon will also serve as the USATF-NE Ultrarunning Championship for the 4th straight year.  Sign up today!!

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