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Rhode Island Trail Running

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As small as Rhode Island is, there are many options if you want to get out on the trails.  Sure we don’t have huge mountains to run up, but some of the trails can be very challenging even for an experienced trail runner.


Goddard Memorial Park – Great trails for a beginner.  These trails are mostly smooth and wide.  In the summer there are a lot of people out and about and in the fall there are high school cross country meets.

Pulaski Recreational Area – A great variety of trails.  The main trails in the park are well-marked and there are maps at the trail head.  If you go off the beaten path a little you will get on some single-track and rocky sections that are fun!  Also home of the RTB Trail Race.

Burlingame State Park – I don’t personally know a lot about Burlingame.  I have run the Lil’ Rhody Run Around which is about an 8 mile trek around Watchaug Pond.  The RINEMBA group has some information at their site, including maps.

Big River

Big River Management Area – My personal favorite.  Big River has more trails than you could imagine.  I have been running there for about 15 years and I am still finding new trails.  The only downfall to BR is there are no trail markings.  So if you are not familiar with the area try an out and back to start or go with someone who has been there before.  Check out some videos of us running in Big River

Arcadia Management Area – Arcadia is a huge park.  There are a ton of trails, some are very rocky and some are simply gravel roads.  Again the RINEMBA group has some great information on their site about the available trails in Arcadia.  Unlike Big River, Arcadia does have marked trails that you could follow if you have a map.

North South Trail – The North South Trail is a series of trails and roads that run the full length of Rhode Island, from Charlestown to Burrillville.  If you like to run point to point you can figure out some logistics and run some long sections of this trail.  It is a fun way to see parts of the state that you would generally never travel too.  There is a book available which has step by step directions and maps.

NST-Mass Border

Remember if you journey out to a new trail to either bring a map or run with someone who is familiar with the area.  It is very easy to get off track and get lost for long periods of time.

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